MR Esmaeeli’s Building


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This villa is built in a rural site, it has a modular design with 4*4 dimention, the emplorer desire was to allocate the ground level to social activities in a semi- open space which has influenced the whole building zoning program and space dedication in the site.This parts design has changed during construction

1.Dynamic shading

Having an intelligent controlled solar shading system helps create a better indoor environment for the well-being and comfort of the building occupants, positively influencing welfare and productivity. It also significantly contributes to building energy management by:

• Generating energy savings for cooling and heating
• Supporting a more consistent, healthy indoor environment through improved visual comfort, thermal comfort and access to natural daylight.

2.Water recylcling

2.Water recylcling

Water reuse (also commonly known as water recycling or water reclamation) reclaims water from a variety of sources then treats and reuses it for beneficial purposes such as agriculture and irrigation, potable water supplies, groundwater replenishment, industrial processes, and environmental restoration. Water reuse can provide alternatives to existing water supplies and be used to enhance water security, sustainability, and resilience. 

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