Gelar Mansion: The manifestation of a dream


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This building, located on a 2200 square meters area in the village of Gelar in Fars province, was constructed to preserve the connection between the young generation and their family roots and to reflect the spirit of modernity alongside the warm memories of the past with the presence of grandparents.
The space represents the vision of three brothers from a joint family who aimed to create free distinct units that are also interconnected.
Gelar Mansion embodies the unattainable dream of creating a lively and pleasant place, where human communities and natural environments can meet. Despite the challenges of the project, such as the design in a mountainous area with a relatively steep slope, the construction of this building in the foothills of the mountain provided an opportunity to bring residents closer to nature. Ultimately, the creation of beautiful natural landscapes surrounding the building led to the execution of one of the important social responsibilities, namely sustainable environmental protection. Providing safe artificial habitats to strengthen the region’s wildlife coverage and revive the wildlife, as well as constructing pavilions that serve as the place for social interactions of the locals in nature, are the embodiment of the beliefs of the project owners.



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