Construction Engineering Organization building of Parsian


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The subject of this competition was to design the central building for the Parsian branch of the Engineering Organisation, which was held with the support of the Hormozgan Province Construction Engineering Organization.
The competition plan had limitations such as a small land area, construction regulation challenges, limited space, and most importantly creating an office space on land suitable for potential residence.
Considering these limitations, the team mainly focused on creating a suitable form according to the use and ongoing events inside the space. Also by utilizing the architecture appropriate for the climatic conditions of the region, the following can be mentioned:
– Simulation of the base form in the building area of the site
– The indicator of receiving the most sunshine from the roof, the entrance of the courtyard section, and the south, east, and west view
– Using skylight to increase the amount of receiving daylight
In the end, patterns in the facade design were extracted by scrutiny examining the native elements


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